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How to Become an Approved Driving Instructor (ADI)

Driving instruction comes with responsibilities. To become an instructor, you must pass the theory and practical exams people can trust. Moreover, it’s more than just a job. The slightest mistake can lead to a massive loss in your career.

Connect driving school London has compiled this guide to assist you in achieving driving teacher certification. When you apply to become an authorized driving instructor, you must certify that you have read this guide (ADI). It provides the necessary information about the following:

   ·Your obligations as an ADI

   ·The requirements and the registration procedure

   ·The function and authority of the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency and the ADI Registrar (DVSA)

Become an approved driving instructor

Access NI will conduct an additional security check when you first apply. DVA will then provide you with your eligibility number; you must use it to schedule a theory test.

Get an Access NI check by applying. Before agreeing to pay costs for the packages provided by ADI training providers, you should contact DVA if you have any concerns about your criminal background. You will have to learn all the reading material to pass the test.

Moreover, the ADI interview toolkit is necessary to pass the interview. You must pass all three tests within two years of the timeline. If you fail, you must wait two years from your initial test date to reapply.

ADI, if you are disabled

Yes, it is plausible. With your application, you must include information on the license limits. If the driver has a disability that prevents them from operating a manual vehicle, then the automatic car is the second option.

Drivers holding a code 078 (medically limited) license may choose this option. Drivers can only provide paid instruction in automatic vehicles in this situation.

ADI rules and responsibilities

Becoming ADI is more than a one-day task. You must know legal requirements, rules, and regulations.


To accompany a beginner and learner driving, you must:

   ·Be 21 years or over

   ·Be qualified to drive the exact vehicle

   ·Have a driving license for three years at minimum

   ·Have a trainee driving instructor license and be on the ADI register to charge learner


When conducting driving lessons, you ensure your personal safety, your student’s safety, and other road users’ safety.

You must have the following:

   ·Respect and regard for road safety essentials

   ·Experience in high-standard driving and instructional ability

   ·Professional attitude

   ·Responsible behaviour for students

   ·ADI registration badge on display

Become ADI and maintain your qualification

Now you have the basic knowledge of ADI and terms and conditions. It is time to get into the real business of applying for and becoming a registered driving instructor. First, you will be asked to provide your personal information as a country residence.

The process will move forward by checking your reputation. You have to satisfy specific criteria for a good reputation. Now starts the several stages of becoming ADI.

Stage 1: ADI Theoretical test

Stage one of the ADI is elementary if you have prepared well for the theoretical test. It includes simple and basic topics regarding driving.

   ·Road Rules

   ·Road safety practices and concepts

   ·Assessment techniques of pupils

   ·Interpersonal skills

   ·Essential driving trainee knowledge

   ·Instruct learners on their mistakes

   ·Test procedure and legal documentation

The test comes with multiple-choice questions and is identical for learner drivers—however, the number of questions and difficulty level depend on the license category. Book a test online from the connect driving school website or visit the school personally.

Stage 2: Driving ability test

Your driving skills are evaluated during the stage 2 ADI driving test. Your driving proficiency will be evaluated using a lengthier, more thorough driving test than is required for beginner drivers.

You must fulfil various prerequisites before taking the stage 2 driving exam for ADIs (Approved Driving Instructors).

   ·Pass the theory test

   ·Have a valid driving license for two years at least

   ·Supply vehicle for driving test

   ·Have insurance for driving

   ·Have valid and legal vehicle documentation

The car must be safe to drive and, if necessary, have a current National Car Testing (NCT) or Commercial Vehicle Roadworthiness Test (CVRT) certificate for the car and trailer. The driving test is administered at the testing facility you designated on your application.

Depending on the license categories for which you wish to provide driving training, the test lasts 60 to 100 minutes. It is a thorough and practical test of your driving abilities, awareness of the road and safety procedures, and technical knowledge.

The test examiner will provide the results and commentary on your performance after completing the test in full. Before moving on to stage 3, you must complete stage 2.

Stage 3: Instructional ability test

Your ability to advise and train a learner driver is tested in the stage 3 instruction ability test. To accomplish this, your examiner takes on the persona of a trainee driver receiving instruction during the practical test.

You must fulfil various conditions before taking the stage 3 driving exam for approved driving instructors.

   ·Have passed stage 2 of the test

   ·Valid driving license

   ·Supply vehicle for driving test

   ·Must have insurance to drive

   ·Valid car documents

The instruction ability test’s first phase assesses your capacity to instruct a learner driver in a variety of crucial manoeuvres and subject areas, including:

   ·A description of the cockpit drill and starting the car

   ·Intersections to make a left or right turn

   ·The emergency stops

   ·The usage of “running commentary.”

The second phase of this stage examines your ability to instruct a driver during the driving test. It has all of the above subject areas. You will receive the test results in 10 working days.

Register as ADI

After you have successfully passed all three stages of the test. You are now eligible to register for ADI registration. Here are a few key points you must remember:

   ·Have a good reputation

   ·Be the residents of the country

   ·Medically fit to drive

   ·Hold a valid driving license for two years

   ·Carry legal documents, include driving’s license, all time

   ·Also, keep ADI registration with you

Maintain your ADI status.

Significant obligations are associated with obtaining a driving instructor’s license and permit and registering as an approved driving instructor (ADI). Your contribution to the development of socially responsible drivers is crucial in ensuring the safety of our roads for all users.

So, you will have to take and pass a check test every two years to ensure the proper instruction requirements are followed. Every two years, you must also renew your ADI registration.

By doing this, you can ensure that you’re still training students utilizing the effective methods available today and following the most recent rules and regulations.

Takeaway lessons

Please ensure you are serious about getting ADI registration and making it your career. The ADI registrar has the right to suspend or cancel your registration if they think you pose some danger to public safety. So, always keep your knowledge up to date and check updates regularly.

Connect driving school London will assist you in the process. Call us to get an appointment today.

Until next time.

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