Are you thinking about learning to drive? Or are you reviving your old licence? If yes, then you have lots of perks to look forward to by getting behind the wheel. Think of the freedom you will have to visit friends and family, to see new places – and to maybe make the commute to and from work that little bit less stressful. Do you still need more convincing? Please go through some of the key benefits.

Zero Dependency

Being able to drive, and having your car, opens up a whole new world of opportunities. No longer do you have to rely on late-running public transport, like the train or bus, or on relatives and friends to cart you around.

It doesn’t just make getting to and from work that much more comfortable. You can also head off for weekends away at home or abroad. You have the choice of where you want to go and when.

Prepared for New Opportunities

If you can’t drive or don’t have a car, it could harm your job prospects. While some jobs need you to be in an office, many others also require you to move around – attending events and meetings, seeing clients or maybe transporting goods around. If you’re looking for work, they usually will specify if you need a driving licence.

However, if you don’t, and the job is right up your street, you could be closing the door on an opportunity. Having a licence and a vehicle is undoubtedly a great skill to have to make you more employable.

Never Late for New Ventures

As well as boosting your employability skills, having a licence and a car can also come in very useful if you want to launch your own
business – no matter what line of work you’re involved in. The chances are you will need to be very mobile, to meet and greet potential clients, to attend sales events and to run errands to keep the business running on a day-to-day basis.

Without a car or licence, you’ll be pretty limited in what you can do. You may also have products to deliver or services you need to carry out at clients’ offices, and a car will certainly come in handy.

Your Car Is An Investment

Getting yourself a car is an investment, but it can also be a source of pride and joy. It’s yours, and you will spend a lot of time using it. You will look after it and have to pay for its running and maintenance. When choosing a car, think about your specific needs – do you need a small vehicle or lots of space? How fuel-efficient does it need to be? Would you like to go electric? Do you live in a city or in a village where there’s more space? If committing to one vehicle makes you uneasy, you don’t always have to buy a car, of course. Instead, you could also take out a personal lease.

  • Trevor Lenonn

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