Pass Plus Driving Course

Pass Plus Driving Course

from £250

You can acquire a pass plus certificate after successfully passing the standard driving test. The purpose of pass plus lesson is to enlist confidence and road knowledge on to new drivers.

Pass plus lessons is at least 6 hours of training. However, it is not required by the law for new drivers to take a pass plus course. Still, it is quite helpful for beginners. It is usually most beneficial in your first driving year as most of the road accidents occur within the first year. Completing the certificate will help you get car insurance from a number of insurers.

Pass Plus Instructors

We have qualified and experienced Pass Plus registered instructors. To find out whether your current instructor is qualified or not, you can also contact the DSA (Driving Standards Agency).

Pass Plus Modules

Connect Pass Plus Driving School pass plus training offers 6 modules of training. All of the modules cover various aspects of driving in the UK. Each of these modules is taught by an experienced instructor who plans lessons based on your driving skill level. All modules are entirely practical sessions. We prefer you to spend at least 5.5 hours driving.

  1. Driving in town – Heavy Traffic

    This is the most basic and standard Pass Plus module. Because you will experience town driving the most. this helps in increasing your attention levels, making you as a skillful driver as possible. You will learn how to approach:

    • Under and overpasses
    • Unusual roundabouts
    • Multi-lane junctions
    • Trams, buses and cycle lanes
  2. Driving in all Weathers

    If you learnt to drive in months that were warmer, than you might find it difficult with the extreme weather conditions. This usually means conditions likes of ice and fog, rain, sleet, snow – and even blinding sunlight.
    Skidding is also covered under this section.

  3. Diving on Rural Roads

    Not every driving journey you make will be on well-maintained roads, which receive regular maintenance. Often, driving on rural roads and having to deal with blind corners, potholes and unusual traffic, is also a necessity. Ideally, you will learn how to predict a potential danger before it happens.

  4. Night Driving

    Often people book night lessons before they attempt a practical test. But that’s not the case for everyone. Most people complete their course without having a lesson at night.

    If that is the case then this module is again necessary for many. It helps with:

    • Driving at dusk and dawn
    • Adjusting to the different light levels
    • The correct use of different headlights
    • Judging speeds and distance
  5. Driving on dual Carriageways

    You must have driven on one at some point in your driving lessons, but did you ever felt like you have mastered them?
    Thie module focuses on:

    • Overtaking and lane discipline
    • Making appropriate and effective observations
    • Judgement of distances
    • Joining and leaving the carriageway

    Even as a qualified and experienced driver, you’ll need to be able to hone your skills on these roads.

  6. Motorway Driving

    Of all the modules, this one is the most formidable. You’d never have driven on the motorway as a learner driver, making this a completely new challenge.
    On this module you’ll learn to:

    • Set safe speeds in different circumstances
    • Deal with motorway fatigue
    • Cope with debris and crosswinds
    • Follow signs, signals and markings
    • Improve how observant and alert you are

There’s certainly nothing to over-concern yourself with when it comes to motorway driving, but there are dangers. Being eased into this high-speed form of driving is wise.

How much will Pass Plus cost?

Pass Plus is a 6-hour lesson, £250 for manual and automatic lessons.

To find your nearest instructor, please give us a call on 020 3393 3989 or use our live chat.


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